Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Peek at My Fall Decor and Crocheted Scarf & Hat

Happy Harvest & Halloween!

I know Thanksgiving and Halloween haven't arrived yet, but I love the autumn season so much that fall decorating around my house begins as early as the fall equinox. I simply can't resist. It's also an ongoing process. It all begins with my stored decorations, but I always add to my collection when I see all the fall decor in stores. I do, however, typically wait until things go on sale (which is pretty early since Christmas hits shelves by early October...which seems crazy)...plus I always grab an online coupon to make my finds extra fabulous ;).

First off, I love to crochet when the cool weather hits. I'm not perfect at it and I'm not a pro, but I find it fun and relaxing. I've been wanting a super soft, fall colored, casual scarf and hat and, when I was in Joann's Fabrics recently, I found the perfect yarn. In fact, it's even called 'Harvest'! It's by Lion Brand Yarns (#377 for those who like to crochet or knit). I also added a rim to the hat using Lion Brand 'Herb Garden' (#410). I'm sorry that I don't have a specific pattern to use because I kind of wing it when I crochet. I can tell you that I mainly used a shell pattern with some single and double stitches in between...and a 6mm hook. I wanted it to have a loose pattern. Here's what I came up with (that's my totally Halloweenish black cat Nimbus inspecting my work in the first pic and his brother Storm peeking down from the upper corner in the second):

Rula's crochet handiwork
Another shot of Rula's crocheted hat and scarf

I also love owls and manage to include them in my decor year round. I have some that I only pull out for fall and others that transition through all seasons. I won't show pics of  all of them, but here are a few I incorporated into my fall decor:

Owl over Rula's fireplace. This one can hold a votive candle.

A recent owl 'bargain' I found, plus fall leaves from my backyard
By the way, I tend to include fall leaves around my home and they were all found on my property then dried/pressed by me. Free decor!

This very heavy owl is always in my kitchen. The mini pumpkins on top of votive candle holders are a substitute for real flames. No fire hazard here!
I seriously love pumpkins too! Talk about multipurpose decorating and getting your money's worth. They go from fall decor to jack-o-lanterns to roasted seeds and pie...and even chicken food! I especially like the white ghost pumpkins. So cool!

Pumpkins at Rula's front door
Pumpkins stacked on a planter at Rula's front door. Quick and easy decor.
Ooooh and then there's Halloween. 

Rula's butternut squash witch

A recent find on sale!
And a bit of spook. My teen son made the vials by filling them with water and food coloring and adding labels like 'Dragon's Blood', 'Basilisk Venom' and 'Mermaid Essence'. Can't have Halloween without some Harry Potter references!
I'm not done decorating and these are just a few of the things I've set out, but the season is young! :) Feel free to pop by this Pinterest board where some of the other Harlequin Heartwarming authors are posting fall/Thanksgiving ideas too!

What's your favorite fall decorating item or theme?


  1. I love the décor but not as much as the beautiful crocheted hat and scarf.

    You are definitely multi-talented!

    1. Thanks, Kate! But I'm really amateur at all this!

  2. You are really good at this crocheting stuff! And the colors are gorgeous.

    How are your chickens?

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you :). And I knew there was something else I wanted to update everyone on...my chickens! They're doing well...I seem to have won the fox battle so far and those two chicks we had hatch? One was a late blooming roo lol. I'll post a full update and pics soon!!

  3. Love your work. And your furry friend.

    1. Thanks! I love crafts and decor this time of year!

  4. I'm with Nimbus. Those projects look great - you've really taken the Homespun yarn and brought it to Harvesty life! :)

    And I just couldn't resist posting this crocheted baby snow owl by Mama in A Stitch. I think you'd love it - http://www.mamainastitch.com/baby-snow-owl-crochet-pattern/

    Give Nimbus and Storm a scratch from his pals at Lion Brand Yarn :)

    -Ben Wigler
    Lion Brand Yarn Company

    1. Thank you for that link, Ben! That's the most adorable crocheted baby owl!! I'll definitely have to give that project a try. Nimbus and Storm are waving their paws :).

  5. Beautiful decor- but the scarf and hat are my favorites! I love the colors and pattern. I had a sweater with many of the same colors and it was one of my favorites ever. :)

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Sorry I'm late to reply, but I just saw your comment, Jess! I hope your holidays have been wonderful.

      My scarf and hat were 'adopted' by one of my siblings at Thanksgiving lol, so now I need to crochet another set. I got the same yarn (love the colors too), but haven't had the time yet. I need it with the weather getting colder!

      Hope you have a great New Year too!