Thursday, May 27, 2010

Therapeutic Thursdays

In my opinion, writer wellness is directly proportional to writer productivity and product quality. Workshops devoted to a writer's mental and physical health are increasing in numbers. Lately, I've come across many chapter meetings devoted to a writer's mental and physical health. My initial reaction was less than enthusiastic. I understood the link between stretching my body and stretching my mind, but the thought of stretching or meditating in a room of writers didn't appeal to me.

Let me explain that I'm not a gym person in general. The thought of lying down spread eagle in front of muscular, sweaty men is...well...embarrassing. Intimidating. Hey, I'm an introverted writer. And yes, that's pretty much the position required at one of those thigh-weight-pressing machines. Okay, maybe the fantasy of a personal trainer hero walking up - wait. Let's not get sidetracked.

My point is that a writer's physical and mental health is important. Imagine what we'd look like if we did nothing but sit and type all day (internet browsing included). Picture a bunch of hunchbacked dames with rears the size of Texas. We've all experienced fried brains. Everyone needs a chance to decompress and fuel their muse.

On Therapeutic Thursdays, I'll post anything that has to do with a writer's personal well-being. It could be anything from healthy recipes (I'm gluten free so there'll be some of those), at-home excercise equipment or DVDs that I love, ideas on how to relax the mind or refresh the muse, great writer escapes and more. You get the idea. The best part is that the ideas can be shared and tried out in the privacy of your home. I'll be looking for all your ideas too, so don't be shy!

For today, I'll keep it short (LOL, too late for that). My health bible is Prevention Magazine. I love it. It has everything from the latest on nutrition to great yoga/pilates moves. It's a must have in my world. What are some of your favorite wellness magazines or books that you feel are writer-must-reads? Are you a Prevention Magazine addict too?

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