Monday, August 27, 2012

Fabric of Fate

It's release day for Rise of Hope, book one of Kaily Hart's much anticipated five book paranormal/urban fantasy series, Fabric of Fate! Kaily is known for her fantastic, hot contemporaries, but fate must have played a role in the birth of these books. She undoubtedly has a gift for creating intricate worlds and plots. Although each book in the Fabric of Fate series centers on one romance - one fated pair - each story is ultimately woven into the destiny of the Vadim...a race on the brink of extinction. Kaily threads the details of the Vadim seemlessly through the overall arc, unfolding their forgotten past, their coveted supernatural gifts, and the secret motives of a powerful organization hellbent on weakening them, as the Vadim discover the truth for themselves. I think the blurb for Rise of Hope sets the series up perfectly. 

A secret ancient race of humans with fantastical abilities, the Vadïm are on the brink of extinction. Many of their women are imprisoned by an organization known as The Assembly, their history all but lost...

Devon Monroe has been a prisoner her entire life. She's determined to make sense of the strange markings on her body, to learn why no one may touch her, to find where she belongs. That means escaping into the unknown, where she has no choice but to trust her self-appointed protector.

Soldier-for-hire Seth Eastman has a job to do: deliver Devon to safety. When Seth discovers the markings on Devon's body, he's stunned at what they mean. And at how she awakens his long-suppressed needs. As they struggle to escape detection and search for the truth of the Vadïm, can he ever hope to claim her for his own?

Wow! Having the survival of your entire race depend on finding your fated match is a lot of pressure! Kaily, you're the master of fate in the Fabric of Fate series :), but tell us of a time when fate played a role in your personal life...

Thanks, Rula. It really is great being master of your own universe for a change J. I think that’s one of the things I most enjoyed about writing a paranormal story. I got to make everything up and craft the rules for how everything would work *insert appropriately evil laughter*.

You know, I really didn’t set about writing a series where fate or the idea of it, played such an integral part. That kind of just happened during the creative process and kind of hit me when I was asked if the series had a tag line, which is - The Vadïm...will fate alone determine their future or can they carve out their own destiny?  I like to think my subconscious is always at work in the background, even if I’m messing around on the internet LOL.

I do believe in fate. Up to a point. I do think some things are “destined”, however, I still think free will can mess with it, can change things up, can create events that could result in a different outcome. That element of risk allowed me to create a thread of tension throughout this series, that maybe, just maybe, things wouldn’t work out as they would first appear. If things were all mapped out, pre-determined, unavoidable, I’m not sure there’d be the same level of incentive to achieve, to succeed, to better ourselves. We could just sit back and accept. Right?

I can think back to several instances in my life where I believe there were forces at work that seemed to conspire together so that a number of things all fell into place and created a path of opportunity. I’m a big one for believing in seizing opportunities as they present themselves. Fate can’t make you do that. Only you can. I can trace back the reason I originally came to the US to a single phone call J. It was 1993. I was in a graduate development program for a large corporation and I’d just gotten up from my desk at work when the phone rang. Now, I was standing because I’d gotten up to go to the bathroom. It was the end of the day. I was tired, getting ready to leave, I had to rush to catch my train. I could have let that call go through to voicemail, but no. Something compelled me to answer it, something made me sit down and take the call. It was a colleague asking me to join a new group the company had formed. If I hadn’t answered, he would have called the next person on the list. It was an intriguing opportunity. I said ‘yes’. That move taught me new and highly in demand skills that prompted a consulting company based in NY to recruit me hard the following year and finally convince me to come to the US and a life of consulting. It changed the course of my life completely, absolutely. Was it meant? Was it destined? Was it ‘fated’? I’m not sure, but I still usually answer the phone whenever it rings, even if I really need to pee :).

LOL, Kaily. It's amazing how a single moment, a split second choice, can change the course of an entire life. For better or worse, but we hope for better. It does bring up the question, as you pointed out, of how much power...through the choices we make or actions we take...we have over our own destiny. 

To all of you out there, do you believe in fate? Is there a person or event where you feel fate played a major role or even changed the course of your life? Share your story for a chance to win a copy of Rise of Hope. The winner will be announced here this Thursday.


BUY RISE OF HOPE HERE: (Destined for those 18 or older :)


  1. Hey, Rula! Thanks so much for having me here today. It would feel kind of odd not celebrating this release with you :). I can't wait to see what your readers think about fate! Hit me!

  2. Hey, Kaily! You're always welcome here :) Speaking of fate, I think it's interesting that a 'Call' played an important roll in launching your IT career...considering how important 'The Call' is in launching writing careers as well! And you ended up becoming a writer. Hmmm...a theme? Fate? Destiny? I imagine writers with manuscripts submitted will grab for the phone even if they need to pee too LOL :)

  3. I do believe in fate - I've seen it at work in my life a number of times.

  4. Hi Kaily!

    I also beleive in fate- just ask Rula how we met? She was thinking- is it Nas? Do I approach her? And vice versa!

    Congratulations on the latest release and all the best my friend!

  5. Rula, I never thought about 'the call' aspect of it before!

    Carol, I think we all have those things in our lives, you know?

    Thanks, Nas! I could relate it to the way Rula and I met as well :). Isn't it amazing how such a simple, seemingly insignificant moment can become so instrumental or significant?

  6. Carol - Same here...

    Nas - No kidding, right? It was so fun meeting you by surprise :)

    Kaily - Yep, it really is amazing. I can't believe years have passed since that moment!

  7. Hmmm. I'm not sure. I would like to believe I map out my own destiny. And if I don't, I sure would like to know now so that I don't waste anymore time on something that might never happen. :)

    PS-I agree with your comment, Rula, on my blog. My local RWA chapter. I've stopped following the loop because of the continual spamming: "like me" "buy my book" "look how awesome my book is doing (so you really should buy it)" "look how great her book is doing. You really should buy it" (that's by the author's fan girls who think we need hourly updates of the author's ranking on Amazon!!!). I went from being excited for the individuals to just plan bored. Yawn. Not to mention, even with daily digest, my inbox was being overwhelmed. :(

  8. Hi, Stina, I think if we all believed things were 100% mapped out, it might stop us trying, you know?

    I've dropped off a lot of loops myself due to the promotional spam. FB and Twitter is getting to be the same way. I get release week, but being constantly bombarded becomes very tiring :).

  9. Hey Stina! I'm with you on both counts.

    Kaily and Stina, exactly. We have to have some hope and power in the path our future takes, otherwise why bother? There are many different factors at play.

    We only use a tiny fraction of the human brain, so perhaps there are factors at play in 'fate' that we simply don't 'see', understand or register...but they're there. So maybe it's not as abstract a concept as we think it is...simply due to our brain usage limits ;) Then for some there's also the belief of higher powers coming into play. In any case, it's definitely a complex and interesting topic!