Friday, February 7, 2014

National Wear Red Day & New Covers!

Happy Friday and National Wear Red Day!

Yesterday, I wrote a post at the Harlequin Heartwarming Authors blog called:

Be a Heroine: Go Red for Women

It explains why Go Red for Women and National Wear Red Day are so important in spreading awareness and fighting heart disease in women...the #1 killer of women. I'm at risk. Are you? Love your heart and check out the post and all the links I included.

ALSO...(drum roll for cover fashion show)

As you all know, my debut, The Promise of Rain, released in North America on January 1st, 2014. Since Harlequin Heartwarming is a new line, up until now, its books have been available everywhere that sells digital/ebooks, but only available in print through Well...February 1st was the official UK/Australia release day and today, Feb. 7th, is release day for a test run of Harlequin Heartwarming in print overseas (UK)!!! Therefore, you can now buy the print version off Amazon UK. You'll notice the covers are slightly different depending on where you buy it, but here are the links (note: as I'm writing this, the Amazon UK site hasn't switched from pre-order on print but it should soon)...

Original cover (North America): 

Mills & Boon AUS:

Mills & Boon AUS duo in print with Amy Vastine's The Weather Girl:

Mills & Boon UK:

So what do you think of the cover variations? Which one do you like best? I've had readers telling me that they wish they could walk into a book store and buy a print copy. Do you gravitate towards ebooks or do you like the 'brick and mortar' book store experience?


  1. Congrats, Rula, that's huge news!!!!! :D

    1. Thanks, Stina! Sometimes it feels like print is becoming the underdog. We'll see what happens!

  2. Congratulations! I like the US and the UK covers the best.

    1. Hey Carol! Thanks :). Someone else noted that the UK and duo covers are zoomed in so that the elephants are cut off :(. I'm sure on the duo it's because the other book doesn't have elephants in it...and that cover probably carried over to the UK cover. I do like the color purple though.