Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time shock

My kids started school this week. Finally.

I love my kids, but there's something to be said about the therapeutic benefits of a quiet house. I'm seriously considering having custom t-shirts made that say 'Okay, but Mom...', 'What should I do now?', and 'That's not fair!'. Nope. Life's not fair. I spent my first day alone with a relentless migraine, but apparently my first grader's day was worse.

He got off the bus shaking his head in what appeared to be utter disbelief.
"That had to be longer than an hour," he said.
"The bus ride?" I asked, a little confused since his ride is no more than fifteen minutes.
"No! The school day."
"Oh, sweetie. You've been gone for almost seven hours."

The poor thing only had to survive a half day for kindergarten last year. I proceeded to ask about his day, and he kept saying that it was terrible. I asked if he'd gotten in trouble. Nope. He loved his teacher. Nothing bad had happened.

"So, other than the day being long, which is normal from first grade on -"
"Whoa, Mom. There's no way being at school that long is normal for anyone!"

Oh, man. He looked so dead serious that I had to laugh. If only he had a sense of how long twelve years to college will be...or how long it takes to publish a book.

My migraine is gone. My house is quiet. And I miss the little buggers.


  1. Aww...poor thing.
    My kidlet had a full day kindergarten but with a 2 month "transition" period. Meaning, the first 2 months of kindergarten they would get out at 1:30 instead of 3. Kind of easing into the full day. It worked pretty nicely.

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    The transition period sounds like a great idea. I think jumping into a full day of school after having the entire summer off is a tough adjustment. Wouldn't it be cool if all kids had half days the first week of school? Well, cool for them maybe :). I guess year round schooling could also take care of that issue .

  3. Insert evil mother snickering after the last comment ;).

  4. Hey Rula, that's funny. Mine also eased from pre-K and K into a full day gradually and by the time the older 2 got to 1st grade they were used to it. Glad your headache is gone and you have a quiet house!

  5. Hi Kaily! Luckily, my little one adapts quickly. By the second day of school, he was all smiles.