Monday, September 27, 2010

How big is yours?

I'm addicted to reading, but lately my to-be-read pile has been...well...piling up. It has me wondering if the size of a writer's TBR pile is directly related to where they are in their writing career, or if it's merely a product of life in general. Do deadlines and multi-book contracts suck up reading time any more than kids, illness, and daytime careers? It's probably a draw. Everything is relative. Right?

It's poll time! How big is your TBR pile?

A) 0-5 books
B) 6-11 books
C) 12-20 books
D) Greater than 20

What robs you of reading time more than anything else?


  1. D!! Big time! I've totally let it get away from me. I always used to track everything I'd read and intended to read on a spreadsheet (yeah, I know how that sounds :). Just the way I am...). Now? I haven't looked at that thing in forever. Writing doesn't just take up time because you're actually writing, it takes up my 'thinking' time too, so much so, that sometimes I just can't pick up a book to read because my mind is just too full of my own story. Sigh..

  2. Hey Kaily! I'm at D as well. The amount of 'thinking' time it takes to write is greatly underestimated. Some might think that we've zoned out or that we're not listening to them, when in fact we're busy working :)!