Saturday, December 9, 2017

What's happening?

Happy Belated December, everyone!

I thought I'd pop by and give an update as to what's happening in my neck-of-the-woods. Actually, I just looked outside the window at our wooded creek's snowing! Yep, our first snowfall of the season :). You can bet I'll be having hot cocoa today.

Flashback to a snow we had Jan 2016. Still wondering how much we'll get this year!
On the writing front, I disappeared into my writing cave over the past week or two because I had line edits to finish up on book 5 in my From Kenya, With Love series. It's titled THE TWIN TEST and this one is Pippa's story (in fact I just saw the blurb go up on Amazon!). The edits got turned at the end of the week. Whew! You don't want to know just how sleep deprived I was this week. Kind of scary. Doesn't it always seem like, when we're super busy or on a deadline or something else major is going on, crazy things happen. I was drowning in edits (and coffee) and within the same few days one of my dogs dislocated her hip (the one pictured above), the other got to a histiocytoma that had appeared on her leg, one of my cats started peeing outside the box and had to get screened for urinary tract crystals and diabetes (he's almost 20lbs), my smallest duck got trampled (or something...not sure...the geese do pick on her) and had to spend the night in my tub (I really thought she wasn't going to make it but she sprang to life by morning and is fine) and my middle kid had a college application due and needed help. And those were just some of the things that were going on. Let me tell you, sitting here now and watching the snow fall outside is so nice and relaxing! Snow always makes things look like a fresh start lol.

And in the spirit of holiday giving, I wanted to make sure (in case you missed all the social media announcements) that you all know about the huge giveaway the December release Heartwarming authors are hosting. That's Catherine Lanigan, Beth Carpenter, Liz Flaherty and myself. Pop by this POST at the Heartwarming blog to check out the prize package and entry details. Only a week left!

In the meantime, it's SIT DOWN SATURDAY on the Heartwarming blog today and I'm up! I think it's a fun post and I hope you do too. I'm pointing out the 'elephant in the room'...the fact that EVERY SERENGETI SUNRISE is the only December Heartwarming without a holiday cover lol...and why the story actually began with a holiday romance. Those of you who've read the series, might know what I'm talking about. In any case, here's the link for today's post:

Hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays to all! Wishing you peace and love.