Thursday, December 15, 2011

Words are the way a perfect holiday! Whether they're written in greeting cards, said in passing to your neighbors, or curled up with in a chair, words warm up the season. That's why my favorite gift to give is a good book. Have an impossible to shop for person on your list? If they have even one interest or hobby, I bet you could find a book on it. Books are practical, smart, fun, and so much more. Need more 'word' inspiration? Merriam-Webster's word of the year was just announced and it's 'Pragmatic'.

For all of you romance fans, I have a few suggestions that range from sweet to heat. Apart from interviews, I don't typically list favorite romance books or do reviews. But these particular authors have each played an important role in my writing journey. They've given me the gift of their time, friendship, advice and encouragment...and they're excellent authors! You may remember them from my interviews.

Jeannie Watt - Don't we all bake more during the holidays? I personally love cooking, and Jeannie's new Harlequin Superromance series is delicious. The first book, The Baby Truce, hit shelves in November. It's soon to be followed by Undercover Cook (January) and Just Desserts (February). Read excerpts at her blog! Check out her interview here.

Kaily Hart - Looking to spice up your holidays? Kaily's hot romance novellas will do the trick! Check out her print collection in Perfectly Unexpected. Check out her blog here, and my interview with her here.

Megan Kelly - Her Harlequin Americans are wonderful reads, but she also just released a Christmas ebook called Santa Dear. It's just in time for the holidays! Check out her website for more purchase links. Click here for my recent interview with her.

Thank you Jeannie, Kaily and Megan for reaching out :)

And now I must confess that I haven't started shopping yet. I know, I know. I'm not usually this bad. Books are at the top of my list :) How about you? Is your shopping done? Are you giving any books?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Puppy Power!

That's what my second grader tells me before getting on the bus in the morning. He's convinced saying 'puppy power' will keep him focused and guarantee him a good day :)

Well, I promised puppy pics didn't I? Our little girl is a 7 week old F1b labradoodle...meaning her mom is a labradoodle and her dad is a standard poodle. She should end up with a wavy fleece coat that is low to non-shedding and hypoallergenic from a dander perspective. We also have first generation, 4yo labradoodle with a curly fleece coat, and we've had no allergy problems with her. She's like a nanny to my kids, and she has taken to mommyhood quite readily with our new pup.

She has been great on the potty training front, but I have had to wake up once between 2-3:00am to let her out. She's napping right now :) Wish I could, but there's tons to do...including visiting all the blogs I've been missing!