Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heroes be warned...

I was sitting in my office contemplating heroes and heroines, when a praying mantis landed on my window screen. Having an imagination that goes off on wild tangents (no pun intended), I started thinking about how the female praying mantis embodies most of the attributes of a sexy heroine. She has that long, slender body, limber legs, and big, round, come-hither eyes. Oh, and she eats kicks ass.
Wait a minute! She does what?
Actually, she typically starts with his head. I did say she embodied most characteristics...not all. Uh, alpha? Yes. Ideal heroine? Guess not. Cannabalism after sex doesn't equate with a happily ever after. Not exactly romantic. So to all you heroes out there, looks aren't everything. Don't say I didn't warn you.

By the way, the above praying mantis lingered on my window all day before taking off to find a mate. I haven't seen him since. Some guys never learn (and, in all fairness, the reverse holds true for women).


  1. Interesting entry I nevr quite thought of them in that way :-)

  2. Hi Jocelyn. Thanks for stopping by. LOL, it was one of those strange, passing thoughts. I guess there's a lot to be learned from nature :).

  3. Just goes to show you. We can get inspiration from anywhere. I have an idea for an alpha heroine. I'm not quite ready to write it yet, but someday...

  4. There's alpha and then there's alpha. I think you write very strong heroines that match up well with your alpha heroes.

    Maybe it's my perception, but doesn't it seem that, in general, people are more accepting of a blatantly alpha hero, whereas a heroine's strength is expected to be more subtle (or at least less aggressive)? I guess that's a discussion of its own :).

    Can't wait for your novella, Pay Up, to release!