Monday, September 17, 2012

Autumn or Fall?

This Saturday, September 22nd, marks the first day of autumn. At least that's what my calendar says. I tend to call it the first day of fall. I realize the two terms are interchangeable, although they do have different etymologies. According to Wikipedia, 'autumn' has Old French origins and its use dates back to the 12th century, whereas 'fall' has Germanic language origins (English or Norse) and its use to describe the season dates back to the 16th century. I won't get into more detail on that front. Suffice it to say that different people (sometimes depending on where they grew up) are used to using one term over the other.

I say 'fall' 95% of the time, and it's my absolute favorite season. If I had to pick my top three favorite things about the season they would be:

1) fall colors on trees and shrubs
2) scarecrows (I've loved them ever since I saw The Wizard of Oz as a kid)
3) the sight of bales of hay rolled and left out on farmland

Of course, I love pumpkins (my kids already coaxed me into making a pumpkin pie this past weekend...they couldn't wait), the sound and sight of Canadian geese migrating, squirrels harvesting, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, apple cider, brisk mornings, trick-or-treaters and knowing Thanksgiving is around the corner, but the top three faves stand apart.

So, do you say 'autumn' or 'fall', and what are your top three favorite things about the season?


  1. I say fall. But autumn is reminiscent of more bucolic settings. Either way, I'm glad it's here. :)

  2. I say fall too. I love the mums, and the pumpkins and the cornstalks and the football. Oh wait, that's more than three. LOL

  3. I say fall now :). I love the relief from the heat, Halloween and pumpkin pie! Not necessarily in that order LOL.

  4. When we lived in England, we called it autumn. When we moved to Houston, it was called fall. I just thought fall was the American term, autumn was the English term, and Canada couldn't make up it's mind what to call it. lol

  5. I'm Canadian and I call it fall. Love the colorful leaves, the cool nights, green tomato soup and having the oven on to roast vegetables or stews.

  6. Maria - I agree that 'autumn' has a poetic quality. I guess 'fall' just rolls off the tongue more easily :)

    Jennifer - My yellow mums are already blooming :)

    Kaily - My kids won't stop begging for pumpkin pie. They want me to make an entire pie each LOL.

    Stina - Actually, I think Wikipedia did say something about 'autumn' being used more in England and 'fall' in the U.S. LOL about Canada ;) I do wonder if the use varies within U.S. regions...

    Kaelee - I love fall food too! All the squashes... Now, I'm intrigued by green tomato soup! I've heard of fried green tomatoes in the south, and I pickle green tomatoes at the end of the growing season, but I've never heard of the soup. I'll need to look up a recipe! Sounds delicious.

  7. We say fall. ;) Little Man convinced me to buy the first pumpkin of the season last weekend. Which of course made me hungry for pumpkin bread.

  8. Chelle!! So good to 'see' you! I love pumpkin bread...and pumpkins in general :) Looking through all the different colors and varieties of pumpkins and gourds is so much fun. I love using them to decorate.

  9. Hey, Ms. Rula!! I was thinking of my Supers friends the other day and thought of you. Just wanted to check on you and see how things are.