Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Birthday HEA!

I haven't done a Therapeutic Thursday post in awhile, but I think birthdays fall into the happy, feel-good category so here it is...Happy 1 year birthday to Joyce Lamb and her extraordinarily successful USAToday Happy Ever After blog!

USAToday online just underwent a face lift, so you'll have to check out the HEA blog's new look. In fact, my latest HEA interview with Harlequin author Rebecca Winter's posted this past Tuesday, October 2nd. You can check it out here, then click on the Happy Ever After header, or here, to see today's interviews and reviews (I'll bait you with one I saw with a really hot cover model and an interview that's up with Hank Phillippi Ryan).

Also, I'm juggling a few things on the home front, including patio construction  (I'm sure the foreman loves how OCD I am :P), a long weekend (Happy Thanksgiving Day to my Canadian friends on Monday...and Columbus Day here), a kid birthday (we have 3 b-days in the house this month if you include my puppy turning 1) and out-of-town guests, so you may not see a Monday post from me next week (and possibly the week after).

Once again, Happy Birthday HEA! Hope you enjoy the interviews.


  1. I haven't been to HEA in a while, so I'll pop over in a bit. Laughing about your patio construction. Have you noticed how different men work from the way women work? I love watching them, even though they make me a little crazy.

  2. Wow, has been only a year? But that's fantastic.
    October is hopping month for birthdays for us too--including my own. :-)

  3. Hi Rula ~ Loved your interview with Rebecca Winters. Excellent questions and answers. Thanks.

  4. Hot model??? I'm so there!

    Wow, you're busy this month, Rula.

  5. Carol - LOL, I do drive myself crazy watching because I'm always worried something won't be just right.

    Jennifer - Happy Birthday! :)

    Kaelee - Thanks so much! That makes me feel good :)

    Stina - LOL. Yeah, I guess fall through Christmas always seems busy...but in a good way :)