Thursday, October 3, 2013

Latest author Interview and blog post

Happy October (my favorite month along with November)!

I apologize for the short post, but I'm not even sure if this will work. I'm having trouble with new text and updates saving in my side column gadgets, a problem I believe Blogger is working on. I'm not sure if the issue extends to new posts or if it's blog selective. I did manage to post a tribute to Tom Clancy at the Heartwarming Authors Blog today, so we'll see if this post works.

You can check out my post at the Heartwarming blog HERE.

Also, my latest USAToday's HEA interview, with H.Romance author Shirley Jump, posted yesterday and can be found HERE.

I know I wasn't online much last month (I miss you all :), but that'll change soon. I'm working on a website, social media etc...I'll be back with links to all that soon!

Here's hoping this post works... 


  1. Worked for me :)
    Seems like everyone is having issues of one kind or another. Must be something in the water, LOL!

  2. Hey Carol! Yep, it posted. Now I'm just waiting for it to cooperate with my side column updates...

  3. Someone else I know is having the same problem with blogger. :P

  4. Hey Stina! In the water for sure then. Sigh.

  5. Off to check the Heartwarming blog!