Friday, October 11, 2013

Senior Editor Victoria Curran is at Romance University!

We're closing in on Halloween and do I have a sweet treat for you! Victoria Curran, Senior Editor for Harlequin Heartwarming, is over at Romance University talking about conflict and raising stakes in clean romance. Check out her post titled Fifty Shades of Sweet. She makes excellent points, explains in a way that clicks and gives examples of critique comments she has given in the past.  It's truly a must read for any writer, regardless of genre.

Also, a heads up, I'm working on a website and plan to make this blog if you pop by here in the near future and things look different, don't worry, you're in the right place :).

Monday is Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving Day for my Canadian friends, so Happy Friday, Happy Thanksgiving and have a great long-weekend!


  1. Happy Columbus Day Rula! I'm making and taking a gluten free pumpkin cheesecake for Sunday dinner with my extended family. I think I have you to thank for the recipe. Made one last Christmas and it was enjoyed by all. The two gluten free eaters really enjoyed it.

  2. Hey Kaelee! That's so sweet of you to keep your gluten free family members in mind :). And if you're ever wondering if I have a recipe for a certain dish, just ask and I'll post it (if I have one). I just made some gluten free banana-pecan bread today :). Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Rula ~ the pumpkin cheesecake was a big hit again. My nephew wife told him to ask us to bring one but he didn't so they were surprised when we did. I now have to figure out another type of cheesecake to make. I'll have to buy another pan as well.

    1. Man I should have read that message through before posting. Thanks so much for that recipe. I find it so easy to make and it's not overly expensive either.

    2. I'm so glad they loved your cheesecake! You know, I was working on my website and I looked back over my posted recipes...I did do one on pumpkin pie that used a gluten free crust. I make a p. cheesecake at home, but you might have gotten the recipe elsewhere...unless it's my crust idea that helped out :). Either way, you've made me want to bake my pumpkin cheesecake lol.