Monday, January 31, 2011

V-Day and Valuable Info

Can you believe there are only two weeks left until Valentine's Day? The official day for romance...or is it? I know many people who think Valentine's Day is just another commercialized holiday and that love should be expressed every day of the year. I think it revives the man-gift dilemma too soon after Christmas. What DO you give a guy on Valentine's Day? More on that in just a sec. First, I have a few must-visit links to point out or I'll be guilty of withholding valuable info.

1. Harlequin Superromance editor Victoria Curran is over at the Super Author's blog this morning. She gives a great peek at what an editor juggles behind-the-scenes. Plus, senior editor Wanda Ottewell will be there tomorrow with more insight on what an editor wants.

2. Registration for RWA Nationals in New York is underway and rumor has it that the hotel is filling up quickly. Attending my first Nationals meeting in DC was one of the best things I ever did for myself as a writer. To register visit

3. Author Donna Alward does fantastic 'Writer Wednesday' blog posts. One of her more recent posts included an actual before-and-after example of her CP's comments and how even the most subtle revision changes can make a huge impact on the story strength. Here's the link to that particular post called What's It Really About Anyway.

4. And don't forget to stop by on Monday of next week for my interview with Superromance author Jeannie Watt. She'll be stopping by to answer any writing questions you have. Don't miss out!

And now back to Valentine's Day and men.

As writers we're supposed to avoid cliches like the plague. Well, what's more cliche than flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day? I mean, I love chocolate. So much that I eat it everday of the year (just about) which takes the thrill out of getting in on February 14th. As for flowers, love 'em outside but they wreak havoc on my allergies if indoors. And what guy wants to get flowers? I'm of the opinion that men secretly despise Valentine's Day. I think the pressure scares the #*%# out of them.

So how about getting them to relax? Remember RWA's push to give books during the holiday season? Why not for V-Day? Not all men will read a romance, but how about a fast-paced hot read like a Harlequin Blaze or something hotter that you can download on your Kindle and cuddle in bed with? He won't read it? Read it to him!

Too much for you? Okay, what about nixing the dinner out and snuggling with a romantic movie that even a guy would enjoy?

What do you think about V-Day? What are your romantic man-gift ideas? Any plans?


  1. I'm with you on the fact that Valentine's Day puts people in a gift selection pickle too soon after Christmas. The stores reap a lot more benefits than the ordinary person. I like your idea of a book or a movie/snuggle date.
    Thanks for the links.

  2. My hubby really likes it when I put out a big spread with a meal I don't make often, like shish ke bobs or lamb.

    I'll buy him chocolate too, but only from a very special chocolatier. The BEST chocolate we've ever tasted. (I'm glad they're so far from us.) LOL

  3. I also like your idea of a romantic movie and a snuggle! Ok, come on Valentines Day...

  4. Eeep. I don't know what our plan is. I'm hoping we go out to a nice dinner. :)

    Are you going to Nationals this year?

  5. J.L.- The way I see it, cut flowers die but books last forever ;).

    Maria - I've done the special meal thing and it always goes over well. What was that about the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? LOL.

    Nas - I love romantic movies. My challenge is to find one where my DH doesn't keep asking, "So why are we watching this?" LOL.

    Jennifer - I actually don't know my plans for Valentine's Day either. This is my brainstorming session ;). And YES!!! I'll be at Nationals! All registered and can't wait :).

  6. Hubby and I decided a long time ago to mutually ignore Valentine's Day. He's totally in the 'this is commercial bs' bucket. Not very romantic, but very practical :). We don't have to worry about any of these dilemmas!

  7. Hey Kaily,

    My hubby's not a romantic. I'll admit that I am, but not in a Valentine's Day way. I like romance to come out as little, everyday, unexpected things. Valentine's Day is too expected with too much pressure associated with it. That kind of puts a dent in the romance esp. when you're dealing with a non-romantic and the gestures seem even more forced.

    That's why I figure using the day to start a habit or trend of more everyday activities is an option. Movie rental, books, a hike (not as in take a hike of course ;), or even miniature can be done all year :). I'm so with you on being practical!