Monday, June 11, 2012

Hero Gifts

It's less than a week before Father's Day and, once again, I'm feeling rather clueless. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, birthdays or any other gift giving occasion, shopping for guy gifts stresses me out. Not because of lack of appreciation or desire to give them something, mind you. It's because I don't like giving generic gifts to someone special. I want them to love the gift and use it...not smile politely and slip it in a drawer.

This got me thinking...(stop laughing) wouldn't it be easier to shop for a fictional father? Hell yeah! Better yet, what if you didn't have to do the shopping? Think about the manuscript you're currently writing. If your hero is a dad (mine's a single dad widower), what would his kid or the heroine buy him for Father's Day? If he's not a dad, think ahead to after the HEA. Based on his character, job, hobbies etc...what would make a great gift? If your hero never plans on becoming a dad, feel free to come up with what your hero or heroine would buy their fathers/father figures in the story. From fiction to this Sunday. Let the ideas begin!


  1. Ha! Yeah, I think my hero would be easier to buy for, considering he's a writer. LOL
    My real life hero is TOUGH. But he did tell me recenlty he needed some new running socks and new clothes. :)

  2. A gift for a fictional man? Maybe a book on 'How to be a Real Man'. LOL. Kidding.

    My real life hero is not hard to shop for--just expensive. The more 'toys' the better.

  3. This is a great idea to learn more about your characters. In my WIP, I know just what Gracie would give her dad - a big box of his favorite shortbread cookies.

  4. I agree. It would be way easier shopping for my mc's father than it is shopping for my husband. At least he had it easy for mother's day: flowers I can take pictures of, chocolate, gift cards for books. And of course my daughter made sure he got them all for me. :)

    ROFL at Maria's suggestion.

  5. Hope you find the gift your after. The only dad I have to buy for is the bubby since I lost mine years ago.

  6. Jennifer...a writer hero. Love that! And you're lucky your man told you what he wants. Mine doesn't even give hints.

    Maria, ROFL!!! You crack me up :)

    Carol, great one! Every guy I know loves food. Cookies...yum :)

    Stina, lol at your daughter being behind it all. Sounds like my kids :) I have so many interests and hobbies you'd think it would make shopping for me easy, but nope. Then again, my hubby can't see things right under his nose (not even stuff he's looking for in his closet or the fridge lol). I hear it's a guy thing ;)

    J.L., sorry about losing your dad. You made me smile at 'bubby' though. I haven't heard that before and it sounds so sweet.

  7. What a super idea, Rula! And it makes a lot of sense--we put so much of ourselves into our characters that it's very likely we also sub-consciously put in some facets of our real-life heroes that might make gift-giving easier. This I need to think about. Thanks for the suggestion! And good luck with your own shopping! :-)

  8. Thanks, Kathy! Hope you had fun shopping :)