Monday, January 14, 2013

Writing Cave

I'm officially going into hibernation for the rest of January. Okay, so I won't be sleeping (man, wouldn't that be nice?), but I will be hiding out in my writing cave. I have to meet my January goals. I want to meet them...but I will miss you all while I'm gone. I already have future interviews lined up, so I'll make this up to you!

January seems to set the tone for the year, doesn't it? Are the rest of you on target with your January goals/resolutions?


  1. Good luck, Rula!! Show those goals who's boss!

  2. Always feel like I'm running behind the eight ball :) We'll see you when you come out of that cave!

  3. Hibernation sounds good right now. Wish I could join you.

    PS Thanks for the blocker tip. It didn't work but I'm wondering if there's not a secondary blocker I'm not seeing. I'll keep looking.

  4. Good for you. I'm making a couple of my goals my top priority, too - and writing time is one of them. See you next month!

  5. Have a good hiatus. I've been able to actually get some stuff done so far, which I didn't think I was going to. I'm about a week off kilter (decided to keep a calendar so I can keep track of my progress). Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on track.

  6. Enjoy your writing time off, Rula. *hands you some survival supplies*

    So far so good with my plans. I finished my new first draft two weeks ahead of schedule. :)

  7. Jennifer - Thanks!

    Rogenna - Me too, and it's great to see you!

    Maria - Sorry about your computer woes.

    Carol - See you then!

    J.L. - Thanks!

    Anne - I have to use a calendar too. Good luck to you too!

    Stina - Thanks for the survival supplies :). Yay you on finishing your draft early!

    Take care everyone. I'm off...

  8. You can do it, Rula. I know you can because you said so :). See ya in February!