Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Break

Happy Friday!

Big apologies for not being around this week to blog on my usual schedule. I feel like I'm nearing summer's finish line and need more steam. This is the month where back-to-school shopping, annual physicals, dental appointments etc...take over my calendar. Also, I'm hosting a big family gathering this weekend, so I have a lot to get done. I'll be cooking from scratch for almost 40 people.

I'll be taking a blog break next week as well. I'll try to come around and visit with all of you. I just won't be posting here. However, I do have author interviews lined up, so do check back :).

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. 40 people! Are you insane? LOL!

    Good luck. I hope your party is a great success and you have lots of volunteers on clean-up detail.

  2. Hope your family gathering went off without a hitch. I'm going on a 5-week break starting next Monday. Enjoy yours!

  3. Thanks, everyone! Sorry for disappearing. Yes, 40 people was insane and, though the party was going great, it ended with my teen nephew falling during a soccer game and breaking his arm. I had to leave my guests and ride with him in an ambulance (really bad break...and my sis wasn't there). He ended up having surgery and now has tons of pins and two metal plates holding it together. He was such a trooper through the whole thing!

    I guess one way to get everyone else to clean up after a party is too make a grand escape in an ambulance!