Thursday, November 14, 2013

New kittens!

Last week we adopted kittens from our local SPCA. They're brothers who lost their mother to a car accident. My kids named them Storm and Nimbus (as in the cumulonimbus thunderstorm clouds). We got them at 8-9 weeks of age and they're growing very quickly! Nimbus is the black one (I think he's actually turning out to be what's called a smoke can see his tabby pattern in the right light) and Storm is the brown Mackerel tabby...both gorgeous and sweet.

And they have purr motors like nothing I've ever heard LOL!

So today, I can be found cuddling kittens while working on my book 2 proposal...the second story in the series that starts with my January release, The Promise of Rain...and I can also be found talking about family, love, elephants and being thankful for kind hearted souls over at the Heartwarming Authors blog today. See you around!


  1. They are so precious! Y'all are going to have a great time. I wish I wasn't allergic to cats.

  2. I know, right, Carol? I'm in love. We didn't get cats for our kids until now because my youngest had so many allergies...but we couldn't test for specific ones (complicated and to do with his type of allergies). I was afraid to get cats, hence the safer labradoodle choice. But he has outgrown most of his allergies and it turns out cats aren't an offender. Now we have 2 dogs, 2 kittens, 2 guinea pigs, 1 fish and all our outdoor friends.

  3. They're adorable. We're planning to get in kitten in the spring. That was part of the deal of me landing a book contract. I told my daughter that if I my books were ever published, we'd get a cat. At that point I wasn't sure if that would ever happen.

  4. LOL, Stina. Now you HAVE to get a kitten :). Just be of mine jumped in my lap and almost hit the delete button while I was typing!

    1. Knowing my luck, the same thing would happen to me too.