Monday, June 14, 2010

On screen romances

I love curling up and watching a good movie as much as I love curling up with a good book. Specifically, romances. I do watch and appreciate the power of true stories, dramas and documentaries, in both book and film, but romances are my top pick. Let's face it, as a busy mother and writer, I rarely have time to myself. When I do get those precious few hours where I can squeeze in a movie (99% of the time on DVD or TV because it's cost and time efficient), I want to relax. I want to feel good, and romances make me feel good. I'll admit that, after reading craft books, I tend to read and watch analytically. Does that mean watching a movie qualifies as working? Okay, chill tax man. I know that's pushing it.

I have a preference for romantic comedy or anything with a happy ending, but you'll see a few tear jerkers on my list. There are several great made-for-TV romances that I've seen more than once...if only I could remember their titles right now. Oh well. Here are a few of my favorites. The ones I could watch over and over.

French Kiss
Ever After
Across the Universe
Must Love Dogs
Under the Tuscan Sun
You've Got Mail
Love Actually
Sense and Sensibility
Sweet Home Alabama
While You Were Sleeping
Titanic (1997)
The Bridges of Madison County

I know there are others that I love, but I'm in need of a memory jog. I'm betting that some of them are on your lists, so chime in. Summer is here, and there's nothing like a hot (or sweet) romance on a warm evening. What are your favorite romantic movies (TV included)?


  1. I LOVE those too! I just added "Made of Honor" to that list, though.
    It's a MUST watch romantic comedy!

  2. Yes! Yes! I love that one too, Jennifer. I really need to keep a list compiled, so that it's at my fingertips when the mood strikes. Thanks for the reminder!