Monday, October 11, 2010

The Golden Heart and RITA

Anyone entering? The 2011 GH and RITA are two of the most prestigious contests in the romance world, and their deadlines are fast approaching. Mark your calendars...

GH deadlines: November 15 - entry forms and fees are due
                       December 2 - entered manuscripts are due

RITA deadlines: December 1 - entry forms and fees are due
                          January 4 - entered books are due

For details, go to

I'm planning on entering (GH) the completed manuscript that I pitched at RWA Nationals in Orlando. What about you?


  1. Not this year, but next year I am hoping to enter my steampunk romance in the Rita novella category. Fingers crossed for you on your entry, Rula, I'm pulling for you!

  2. Thanks, Christine. Here's to you entering the RITA next year!

  3. I am not. Maybe some day...

    Good luck!!!

  4. Thanks Jennifer :). I don't expect to final, but entering is a great motivator for me.

  5. I plan to enter the GH! Because my published books are under 20,000 words I'm still eligible to enter, but this will be my last year. I better make it count :). Good Luck, Rula!

  6. Thanks Kaily! It's so cool that you and Christine could shoot for the RITA next year :). Good luck to you too!