Monday, November 1, 2010

I got the best treat ever

Let me start off November with a couple of important announcements.

1. Today is day one of Harlequin's Editorial Week. Don't forget to pop on over to So You Think You Can Write.

2. Only two weeks left until the forms and fees registration deadline for the Golden Heart contest.

Ready to find out what my favorite trick-or-treat was?

Now, this is no ordinary pen. My son made this in a woodshop class at school and gave it to me this weekend. He said that he wanted me to have it since I'm a writer. Need I point out that I'm very sentimental? I think I'll sign all my query letters with it for good luck. Hey, maybe one of these days I'll get to sign a contract with it.

Isn't it amazing how one minute your child can have you tugging at your hair, and the next minute they're tugging at your heart? Here's to the next generation of heroes and heroines.

What's the best writer gift that you ever received?


  1. Thanks! He was so proud of his workmanship.

  2. Aw, that's so sweet. And it looks so well done! It's actually quite beautiful. And I've been good. I'm checking in on SYTYCW and I've already paid for my GH entry. Figured if I pay, I have to actually have my entry ready :).

  3. Thanks, Kaily. SYTYCW has been great, hasn't it? I keep checking in as well. I'm glad the chats are transcripted because I'm spending time on my GH entry as well:). Best of luck with yours!

  4. Oh, wow, what a beautiful gift!! So thoughtful!

    The best gift my hubby gave me was my intial membership for the RWA for Chrsitmas. That's when I knew he treated my writing seriously.

  5. That's a PERFECT gift, Jennifer! How sweet. It shows how much thought he put into getting a gift that would really mean something to you. After the gifts you got on this last birthday, I'd have to say that you have a romantic hero on your hands!