Monday, November 14, 2011

Upcoming deadlines

This will be short and sweet, since it's that time of year when I know everyone is scrambling around to get things done. Our neighbors have their Christmas lights up, so I guess the holidays have officially begun :)

Is anyone entering the Golden Heart this year? The deadline for entry forms and fees is tomorrow, so get a move on it! Manuscripts have to be sent in by December 2nd. Check out RWA's website for rules and exact times.

If you missed Harlequin's free online conference last week, they have archived transcripts of all the chats, podcasts, webinars and more at and at under The Write Stuff forums. Those archives hold a lot of valuable information straight from the editors at harlequin, so it's worth taking some time to check it out. They're hosting what I'd call their contest of the year. Submit your full manuscript by December 15 and if yours is picked, the prize is a book contract! Check out the details on their website.

And what bigger deadline is there than Thanksgiving? I love Thanksgiving, but I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks away! Is it my imagination or does it seem like deadlines pile up around the holidays?

What are your plans for contests and/or the holidays?


  1. I'm on my own personal deadline to submit my Kendall and Brad story (from Georgie on His mind) to Avalon before the end of the month. And then...get ready for the holidays. (And mybe write too) :-)

    Neighbors have their Christmas lights already, huh? I'm still waiting and looking forward to Thanksgiving.

  2. Good luck with your deadline, Jennifer!

    Our grocery store has Christmas stuff out too. Not a thing left for any last minute Thanksgiving decor shoppers. I was surprised when I saw my neighbor's outdoor tree lit up.

  3. Can't believe your neighbors have Christmas lights up already. I have no huge writing plans until the first of the year. In addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas, our family has several birthdays in November and December.

    Good luck in Golden Heart.

  4. We had a lovely day here Sunday and I urged my DH to put up the Christmas lights. We wouldn't turn them on until after Thanksgiving tho, unlike others in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, he had to work, so he'll be on the ladder, stringing them in the cold next weekend. :)
    Turning in Santa Dear this week so it will be up in e-world for Christmas. Very exciting times. Happy T-day, Rula.

  5. Hey Carol, it's definitely a busy time. We have birthdays coming up too.

    Hi Megan! It's smart to get the outdoor lights connected (or at least try to ;)before the bad weather hits...then turn them on later :). I love the title 'Santa Dear'. I'm feeling the holiday spirit!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. I noticed a house in my neighborhood has their Christmas stuff out already too. We usually put our stuff up over the Thanksgiving weekend, so that will be fun. I get crazy stressed when I think of the holidays and reflect back on the goals I had at the beginning of the year. I met some. Others? Not so much LOL.

    I entered the Ritas for the first time this year, so I still have to send my books in. And get my WIP wrapped up. And write the sequel to PAY UP :). And... You get the picture LOL.

  7. Hey Kaily! I'm not sure there's such a thing as a stress free holidays season...unless maybe if you're under the age of two, lol.

    As for goal/deadlines...yeah more stress!

    Fingers crossed on your RITA entry!!!!

  8. I've been playing on my blog, but I'm ready to start a new manuscript and target a contest or two. Thanks for the information. have a lovely holiday season. -Kelly