Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day, Laughs and Liz

Happy Labor Day!

My Labor Day treat for you is a must-see link that will leave you laughing. Check out Nathan Bransford's visual take on the emotional stages of writing a book. He calls it The Publishing Process in GIF Form, and trust me, both readers and writers will get a kick out of it. Make sure you scroll through to the end! It's accurate, funny and a bit nostalgic. You'll see what I mean :)

Also, my debut as a USA Today Happy Ever After blog contributor is scheduled to post this Wednesday, September 5th at 3 pm! Since I don't post here on Wednesdays, I'm giving you the heads up...and I'll slip in behind the scenes to add the exact link (it should work at 3pm). I'll be interviewing Harlequin Superromance author Liz Talley on her new book, The Road to Bayou Bridge. Pop by if you get the chance!

Now, go start your day with a good laugh at Nathan's publishing process :)

Take care and have a great one.


  1. OH MY GOSH, that visual from Nathan's blog was hilarious!!!

  2. I love Nathan's post. I couldn't stop laughing, even if I could relate to it only too well.

    I'm off to check out your post. :D

  3. Love the two posts Rula. You do such great interviews.

  4. Jennifer- I know, right? :)

    Stina - I couldn't stop laughing either...even the second time around when I showed it to one of my kids who likes to write.

    Kaelee - I'm so glad and thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it :)

  5. Loved the interview and this post is great as usual Rula!