Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RWA 2016 Nationals Pics Part 1

I'm back from RWA (Romance Writers of America) Nationals in San Diego where the weather was absolutely spectacular! It was heavenly and the entire meeting was infused with a more relaxed California vibe. Loved it!

The best part about Nationals, for me, is getting to see everyone in person. I always look forward to reconnecting with my dear friends and RWA roomies, Jeannie Watt and Jamie Dallas. They're my rocks and I can't imagine RWA without them. For those of you who are new to my blog (or to my writerly history), Jeannie is the incredible western romance author who befriended and mentored me years ago...and wouldn't let me leave a Harlequin Heartwarming open house (where, at the time, Senior Editor Victoria Curran was taking pitches) until I pitched an idea. That pitch turned into my first sale and debut, The Promise of Rain. You can re-read the details of that Call story here.

I absolutely loved getting to see all of my other friends, including the lovable and unstoppable Harlequin Heartwarming crowd (I like to call them the Heartwarmers). This is an amazing group of women who are like one big family. This year was extra special because I finally got to meet Heartwarmer Catherine Lanigan in person. Catherine and I have been Heartwarming blog sisters forever now and we clicked from day one. She's simply a gorgeous, genuine and an all around phenomenal woman who I'm honored to know. Getting to meet and spend time with her in San Diego was the highlight of this trip.

In fact, Catherine and I were thrilled that our awesome Heartwarming sis Kate James made it to Nationals! We had a wonderful time hanging out and catching up :).

I'm afraid to leave anyone out, so forgive me if you don't see your name or pic here! I saw soooo many wonderful people that it's impossible to name them all. If I forget to mention you, know that I still love you and loved seeing you. I'm running out of hours today so I'm just going to post the pics I have. Enjoy!
I autographed books at the Harlequin Book Signing with Catherine Lanigan. Note the photograph of her with actress Kathleen Turner on the set of Romancing the Stone. Catherine wrote the novelizations (as Joan Wilder) of both Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile. 
Rula and Catherine Lanigan at the Harlequin Signing
Anna J Stewart, myself and Catherine Lanigan at the Harlequin signing. 
At the RWA Literacy Autographing
My set up for the RWA Literacy Autographing. I was giving away canvas totes with the book cover on them and matching bookmarks.  It was an honor to be signing among a group of big name, incredible authors. And great news! This year, RWA succeeded in hitting the million dollar mark for funds they've raised for literacy!! 
And pics from the famous Harlequin Party...

My besties Jamie Dallas and Jeannie Watt 
Me and Jamie
Jeannie Watt, me and Cheryl Harper
Kate James, Elizabeth Heiter and me
Me and the lovely Roz Denny Fox
Roz Denny Fox, Kate James and Catherine Lanigan
The ever fun loving Carol Ross, Anna J Stewart and Cari Webb

Marion Ekholm, Amy Vastine and me
Me and girlfriends Catherine Lanigan and Kate James

Kate and Catherine
The sweet Cheryl Harper and me
And at the RITA/Golden Heart ceremony...

Kristan Higgins

Robyn Carr accepting her award

And just to show you how much fun the Harlequin party is. I present you with the Heartwarmers.
There were more pics and a repeat of a selfie from two years ago for old times sake, but I need to hunt them down for a part two to this post!

Stay tuned!


  1. What a fun time. I was there in spirit!

  2. Woohoo Rula

    Fabulous one day I am hoping to get to The States for RWA I have been to the Australian RWA a few times and am heading off to Adelaide for this years conference next month always fun :)

    Have Fun

    1. It would be so great to meet you in person, Helen! Australia is one of the places I want to visit someday, so you never know ;).

  3. It was a terrific conference, Rula. Thank you for sharing these pictures!

    1. I agree it was a wonderful conference and it was awesome getting to spend time with you, Kate!

  4. Wonderful pictures Rula!! Thank you for sharing RWA with us. It's so nice seeing Heartwarming authors together having fun.

    1. Thanks, Laurie!! We always have such a great time when we gather together. Lots of sisterly love in our group!