Monday, August 29, 2016

RWA 2016 National Pics Part 2

Wow! August is almost over and only now am I getting the second set of RWA pics I promised posted! I've been a little MIA online because of so much happening this month, but I'll save all that for my next post. In the meantime, here are a few more pics from RWA Nationals this past July. This time I'm focusing on some of the goodies we get at Nationals :).

First, everyone has to wear a lanyard/badge at the meeting and it's tradition (for those who wish) to put meeting pins (we get them annually) and any award pins on our badge. Here's mine from this year:

In my last post, I shared photos from the famous Harlequin Party. Remember the close up of me with my awesome girlfriends Jeannie Watt and Jamie Dallas? Well, let's zoom out so you can see the wonderful booties Harlequin provides at the party for more comfortable dancing. Every year they're a different color and this year they were...

I collect my soft Harlequin booties and use them every winter to keep my feet warm while typing away at a book. I love them!

In fact, green seemed to be the theme this year, which coincidentally happens to be the color for Harlequin Heartwarming. This year, instead of giving us pre-stuffed goodie bags, RWA set up a room where meeting attendees could walk through and stuff their own bags (separate from the 'Goody Room' where authors put promo/giveaway items). The totes this year were sponsored by Harlequin.

and the flip side...

The Harlequin Heartwarming authors were also giving away totes at RWA and they kept with the green theme...even if the shade was a bit different.

Here are a few of the items that were in the RWA tote room, including a selfie stick, fruit juice/water bottle (it has an inner core you can put chunks of fruit in to flavor water) and a pool/beach towel. There was so much more, including tons of books.

Oh and you have to love Harlequin for the book marks they provided at the Harlequin Book Signing (I think I may be missing one but I can't recall what it was!)...

Here are a few pics of San Diego views:

USS Midway

I wish I had pics of everything I got, but suffice it to say my suitcases were full on the trip home. And even with all the goodies we got, the best gifts I brought home with me were the memories of time spent with friends and tons of inspiration.

I'll leave you with a wall plate I won at a Harlequin gathering at RWA Nationals a few years ago. It has been hanging in my office ever since.

And a door knob sign courtesy of brilliant author Kristan Higgins at this year's RWA. It's hanging on my office door and my kids are getting a kick out of it. I hope it works!

I'll be posting again soon because I have news! :)


  1. Wow. It looks as if you did really well.
    Looking forward to hearing your news too. I suspect another success story is in the offing...

    1. It really was a great meeting and the weather in San Diego was so beautiful. I just added a last pic that I forgot to include of a sign I hope my kids will listen to when I'm writing this year lol :).